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Brush Type There Phase Generator Stc 3kw

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  • Alternator

  • Fixed

  • No

  • Air Cooled

  • AC Three Phase

  • Speed

  • ST-3

  • Land Use

  • Common Units, Standby Unit, Emergency Crew

  • Low Noise

  • AC Rotating Exciter

  • 3kw - 64kw

  • as Per Request

  • 50Hz/60Hz

  • IP21

  • F Class

  • 100% Copper Wire

  • Single/Double Bearing

  • 4 Poles

  • Packed in Plywood Cases

  • As for power


  • China

  • 85016100

  • 2000 Sets / Month

  • US$ 350/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Model Rated Power Rated Current Rated Voltage Output Type Core Length (mm)
ST-3 3KW 13A 230V AC Single Phase 90
ST-5 5KW 21.7A 230V AC Single Phase 100
ST-7.5 7.5KW 32.6A 230V AC Single Phase 120
ST-10 10KW 43.4A 230V AC Single Phase 100
ST-12 12KW 52A 230V AC Single Phase 120
ST-15 15KW 65.2A 230V AC Single Phase 120
ST-20 20KW 87A 230V AC Single Phase 140
ST-24 24KW 104.3A 230V AC Single Phase 160
Model Rated Power Rated Current Rated Voltage Output Type Core Length (mm)
STC-5 5KW 9A 400V AC Three Phase 100
STC-7.5 7.5KW 13.5A 400V AC Three Phase 120
STC-10 10KW 18A 400V AC Three Phase 100
STC-12 12KW 21.6A 400V AC Three Phase 120
STC-15 15KW 27A 400V AC Three Phase 120
STC-20 20KW 36A 400V AC Three Phase 140
STC-24 24KW 43.3A 400V AC Three Phase 160
STC-30 30KW 54A 400V AC Three Phase 205
STC-30 30KW 54A 400V AC Three Phase 135
STC-40 40KW 72A 400V AC Three Phase 165
STC-50 50KW 90.2A 400V AC Three Phase 205
STC-64 64KW 115.4A 400V AC Three Phase 260

More specific parameters to choose.


Brush Type There Phase Generator Stc 3kw


(1) ST series single phase ac electric generators are mainly designed to service as power generating unit of
small capacity,which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships,for house-hold electric devices used in
towns or villages.

(2) STC generators are to be used in town, the countryside, work sites, mountains and pasture lands as a
electric power source for lighting purpose. It can also be used as a reserved power source for emergent case.

(3) The construction of the ac electric generators is of disproof,salient pole rotating field self excitation and
constant voltage type.The alternator interior is used with high quality electric magnetic and electrical material.
Stator insulation is class F.

(4) The rated line voltage is 400V; Phase voltage is 230V; Frequency is 50Hz; Power factor is 0.8(lag).
We can provide the generator with 60Hz and the other voltage according to request.

(5) When the revolution slip of prime mover is 3% and the load varies in the range of 0-100%, the power
facter is 1.0-0.8, the constant voltage keeps excellent. After a sudden change (increase or decrease) of load,
the generators will soon return to their normal working state.

Brush Type There Phase Generator Stc 3kw

Brush Type There Phase Generator Stc 3kw Brush Type There Phase Generator Stc 3kw
Q: Do you offer OEM service?
A: Yes
Q: What is your payment term?
A: 30% T/T in advance, the rest payment before shipment. Or irrevocable L/C.
Q: What is your lead time?
A: About 30 days after receiving deposit or original L/C.But if your order with some special design, then the
delivery time is longer.

Q: What certificates do you have?
A: We have CE, ISO. And we can apply for specific certificate for different country such as SONCAP for Nigeria,
CIQ for Egypt, SASO for Saudi Arabia, etc

Q:What is your MOQ?
A: Above 1pc
Q. Which port do you often use when export?
A: Fuzhou Port, or as customer request.
Q.How to choose the power?
A.:Collect all power of your equipments,take the current into your consideration.
Q.What is the difference between Prime power and Standby power?
A.:Prime power is 12hours continous power,one hour 10% over load in every 12 running hours is allowed.
Standby power is the limit value of maximum output for emergency use. Overloading is prohibited
Q.What about the warranty
Guarantee for one year or 1000 hours (accord to whichever reach first) from ex-factory date.During the guarantee period,
our company will provide the free easy damaged spare part for problems caused by our quality of production or raw material
except the damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by customer's incorrect man made operation.After expiration,
our company provides cost parts maintenance for gen-set.


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