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Yuchai Soundproof Industrial Power Generator Water Cooled 250kVA Silent Genset

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  • Self-Starting Diesel Generator

  • Fixed

  • Four Stroke

  • Water Cooling

  • AC Three Phase

  • 1500rpm/1800rpm

  • BS-YC250

  • Land Use

  • Common Units, Standby Unit, Emergency Crew

  • Low Noise

  • AC Rotating Exciter

  • Yuchai

  • Stamford

  • Smartgen, Deepsea...

  • Electric Start

  • 30kw - 1600kw

  • Optional

  • as Per Request

  • 50Hz/60Hz

  • 400V 380V

  • Packed in Plywood Cases or Wooden Cases or Foam, E

  • As for power


  • China

  • 85021200

  • 100 Sets / Month

  • US$ 13000/Piece 1 Piece(Min.Order) | Request Sample

Frequency: 50HZ;Rotating speed: 1500Rpm
Model Power(KW) Capacity(KVA) Rated current(A) Engine Model Stamford Type
BS-YC38 30 38 54.1 YC4D60-D21 BS184H
BS-YC45 36 45 65.0 YC4D60-D21 BS224C
BS-YC60 48 60 86.6 YC4D85Z-D20 BS224E
BS-YC63 50 63 90.2 YC4D90Z-D21 BS224E
BS-YC75 60 75 108.3 YC4A100Z-D20 BS224F
BS-YC100 80 100 144.3 YC6B135Z-D20 BS274C
BS-YC113 90 113 162.4 YC6B155L-D21 BS274D
BS-YC125 100 125 180.4 YC6B180L-D20 BS274D
BS-YC150 120 150 216.5 YC6A205L-D20 BS274F
BS-YC180 144 180 259.8 YC6A230L-D20 BS274G
BS-YC188 150 188 270.6 YC6A245L-D21 BS274G
BS-YC200 160 200 288.7 YC6G270L-D20 BS274H
BS-YC250 200 250 360.9 YC6MK350L-D20 BS274K
BS-YC325 260 325 469.1 YC6MK420L-D20 HCI444ES
BS-YC250 280 350 505.2 YC6MJ480L-D20 HCI444E
BS-YC375 300 375 541.3 YC6K500-D30 HCI444FS
BS-YC413 330 413 595.4 YC6K520-D30 HCI444F
BS-YC438 350 438 631.5 YC6K570-D30 HCI544C
BS-YC450 360 450 649.5 YC6T600L-D22 HCI544C
BS-YC500 400 500 721.7 YC6T660L-D20 HCI544C
BS-YC563 450 563 811.9 YC6TD780L-D20 HCI544E
BS-YC625 500 625 902.1 YC6TD840L-D20 HCI544FS
BS-YC675 540 675 974.3 YC6TD900-D31 HCI544F
BS-YC750 600 750 1082.6 YC6C1020L-D20 LVI634B
BS-YC800 640 800 1154.7 YC6C1070L-D20 LVI634C
BS-YC900 720 900 1299.1 YC6C1220L-D20 LVI634D
BS-YC1000 800 1000 1443.4 YC6C1320L-D20 LVI634E
BS-YC1125 900 1125 1623.8 YC6C1520-D31 LVI634F
BS-YC1250 1000 1250 1804.3 YC12VC1680L-D20 LVI634G
BS-YC1500 1200 1500 2165.1 YC12VC2070L-D20 PI734C
BS-YC1688 1350 1688 2435.8 YC12VC2270L-D20 PI734D
BS-YC1875 1500 1875 2706.4 YC12VC2510L-D20 PI734E
BS-YC2000 1600 2000 2886.8 YC12VC2700L-D20 PI734F
More specific parameters to choose.

Yuchai Soundproof Industrial Power Generator Water Cooled 250kVA Silent Genset


(1)The silent canopy we use cold-rolled sheet, all positions are stronger.

(2)Our spraying plastics all go through pre-treatment of pickling and phosphating, so that the surface of the

painting will not change color even if placed outside for five years.

(3)Canopy color painted by customer's requirement.

(4)Strict test including 50% load,75% load,100% load and 110% Load .

(5)Forklift mouth in base frame for easy loading and discharging.

(6)Logo made by customer's requirement if order quantity ≥10units or a full container.

Yuchai Soundproof Industrial Power Generator Water Cooled 250kVA Silent Genset
Yuchai Soundproof Industrial Power Generator Water Cooled 250kVA Silent Genset Yuchai Soundproof Industrial Power Generator Water Cooled 250kVA Silent Genset
Q: Do you offer OEM service?
A: Yes
Q: What is your payment term?
A: 30% T/T in advance, the rest payment before shipment. Or irrevocable L/C.
Q: What is your lead time?
A: About 30 days after receiving deposit or original L/C.But if your order with some special design, then the
delivery time is longer.

Q: What certificates do you have?
A: We have CE, ISO. And we can apply for specific certificate for different country such as SONCAP for Nigeria,
CIQ for Egypt, SASO for Saudi Arabia, etc

Q:What is your MOQ?
A: Above 1pc
Q. Which port do you often use when export?
A: Fuzhou Port, or as customer request.
Q.How to choose the power?
A.:Collect all power of your equipments,take the current into your consideration.
Q.What is the difference between Prime power and Standby power?
A.:Prime power is 12hours continous power,one hour 10% over load in every 12 running hours is allowed.
Standby power is the limit value of maximum output for emergency use. Overloading is prohibited
Q.What about the warranty
Guarantee for one year or 1000 hours (accord to whichever reach first) from ex-factory date.During the guarantee period,
our company will provide the free easy damaged spare part for problems caused by our quality of production or raw material
except the damageable spare parts of diesel engine caused by customer's incorrect man made operation.After expiration,
our company provides cost parts maintenance for gen-set.


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